Monday, January 5, 2009

I'm back...

Christmas break was Amazing, but amazingly too short. I spent the first ten days wishing I was in Washington and then the week I was there went by way too fast. I have lots of pictures and fun stories, but will share them later.

Today started out crappy. I had a bad night, couldn't sleep and I was totally unprepared for today. I wasn't ready for school to start. But I got to school early and I got the things that I needed to do done.

I was walking into the school around 7:30 and my student Michael was waiting between the set of doors. I can not tell you how happy he looked when he saw me. He was the sweetest thing ever and yelled MISS HALES! I told him it was inside recess and he ran to the trailer. He later told me when school started that I looked beautiful. My little innocent 3rd grader, made my morning. I had a lot of my mind, and wasn't very happy. What a joy and a blessing it was for me to hear that my kids love and missed me.

We were talking about my Christmas break so I could get the students to brainstorm a personal narrative. I told them what I got for Christmas and told them I got new clothes. Ashley, my little sweet heart who sometimes drives me crazy shouted out, "Is that a new outfit Miss Hales?" I told her it was and she proceeded to tell me she loved it. Before school got out she came up to me and hugged me goodbye telling me again I looked good. (This may or may not be the same girl that told the class I was pregnant at the beginning of the year- but that's ok.)

After a long lazy break, I wasn't ready to go back. I knew that once I got to school I would remember why I loved teaching. The students are amazing and they are full of love and joy. I love every single one of them and can't wait to teach them everyday.

*** After lunch recess my student Payton told me that his tongue was hurting and I said, "You didn't stick your tongue to a pole did you?" He stuck his raw and soar tongue out at me and I knew right away he had. Oh man, gotta love third graders!

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