Saturday, April 11, 2009

{Bridal Shower numero uno!!!!}

Emily and I-- the brides to be! It has been so much fun planning out weddings at the same time! I am just super jealous that she is getting married a month before me. Matt and Emily will be living in Idaho for the summer and "hopefully" move to Provo for the fall!!!
Andrea and I. I am so grateful for my sister, who is my best friend!!!! She is dating this amazing guy, Harris who we all love to hang out with.
These next few pictures are dedicated to the beautiful cupcakes that my Aunt Shauna made for the shower. Aren't they amazing? Thanks again!!!!

My Aunt Shauna and cousin JanaRae threw a double shower for my cousin Emily and I. Emily and I got engaged the same weekend, and she is getting married on Tuesday in Mesa! Anywho, the shower was a month ago, but I wanted to document the moment! My aunt and cousin did an amazing job and it was so much fun to sit and talk with everyone on my Dad's side of the family!

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