Saturday, April 25, 2009

Color Me Mine and Dan's Prom

Tonight was filled with some fun family activities!!! My parents went to Wicked tonight, and it was also my brother's prom. Bob and I took on the role of parents and went to promenade to watch him and his date Bonnie walk across the stage. They both looked great and I hope they had a good time. I can't believe my little brother is a senior, going to his last prom. Wow, he has grown up!
We then met up with Harris and Andrea at Color Me Mine. I had never been there, but Bob had been on a couple dates there. I decided to work on a plate. Growing up we had a red sparkly plate that you got to eat on, when it was your birthday. I decided to make a birthday plate for our future family! Bob made a mug, for his famous milkshakes that he is planning on making for me soon. I'll have to post a picture after I get them back, and the colors are more vibrant and it's all polished and stuff!

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