Thursday, April 16, 2009

{Mexico part 1}

Dan and I floating in the lazy river. Dan was brave and actually got in the water, I was just trying not to get wet at this point.... water= freezing!!!!
Getting a treat at the bakery in the mexican grocery store. The pastries always look 10x better than they taste, but we still get them anyway!
This little guy was just hanging out in the seafood section of the store. My brother and cousin Spencer have been known to get octopus cocktails instead of the normal shrimp!
Mmmmmm Churros!!!! One of our favorite parts of Mexico!!!
Next to the churro stand, we found a carnival. It looked like fun, but when we arrived we saw someone leaving the carnival by ambulence, so we decided not to ride the rides!
Local taco stand that we love!!!! I would live in Mexico just to eat the food everyday! I'll work on Bob.... first off, we need to get him to like Mexican food as much as I do.....
This is the view from our condo.... Looks nice right? Well the pools aren't actually heated at this point, so it is a tad bit cold. But the sun warms you right up!!!!

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