Saturday, April 11, 2009

{Chuck E Cheese}

A couple weeks ago, my aunt and uncle went on a cruise. My parents were babysitting their kids and one of those days happened to be their 23rd Anniversary. So Andrea, Harris, Ayrika, Bob and I took the tots to Chuck E Cheese for a couple hours. We ordered some pizza and drinks and divided up 100 tokens between the 4 kids. We all were assigned a child to look after and then went off to play. I soon realized that Bob was off by himself playing the games. He would come try and steal a few tokens from Dillan's cup.

Bob loved Chuck E. Cheese, and loved playing the games. It was so fun to watch. The kids also loved it. We totalled up all of the tickets and had over 1200. We gave each kid 300 and let them get some prizes. I think Bob may have been a little sad he didn't get to buy a prize!!!!Before we went to Chuck E. Cheese, we went to the mall and got new hats, Bob really wanted a new one and I got one on sale.

Yes I won the bonus on this game which was over 100 tickets! It was definetly the highlight of my day!

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