Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bridal Shower Number 2---- Friends!

Some of my best friends from living at the Riviera. Jody, Alisha, me, Justine and Brittney. I lived with Alisha and Justine for 2 years and Brittney 1. Jody lived slept upstairs, but pretty much lived with us! Thank you for coming!!!!

My darling sister who spoiled me with gifts. I am so glad we are such good friends! This picture was taken post party, if you notice I am out of the jeans and into my lounge pants! I love you Andrea!!!!
Lindsay, Lacee and Danielle. I hadn't seen Lindsay forever and was so glad she could make it. Lacee and Danielle are a couple of my roommates who put on this wonderful event. Lacee is the tan one in the middle who is going to DUKE in the fall for her PA program. Woo Woo!
This picture is from the gum game, this is the most unflattering picture, but I had 6 pieces of bubble gum in my mouth.... it was so gross, I had a slobber problem. haha

My roommates threw me a bridal shower last night. I also have another one tonight with the women from my home ward. I had an amazing time last night seeing friends I haven't seen in a long time! It was fun to see everyone, chat and eat good foods. Thank you to all my friends who put the shower together! Thanks to everyone who came and the wonderful gifts!!!! More pictures to come later!

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