Sunday, June 28, 2009

{Camping with the Nelsons}

This weekend we went up Spanish Fork Canyon to experience our first camping trip together. We went with our friends Mary, Russ and baby Korbin. We had the whole day to prepare, and I thought we had everything ready so I went to my classroom and organized. That afternoon we hurried and put our stuff in the car and met Mary and Russ. We realized we had left our camping chairs back at our apartment. (The only camping equipment we owned previously was the chairs and had to buy all of the other stuff- ironic that we forgot them.) We quickly got them and drove up the canyon. It was raining.... the whole drive, but once we set up the tent it calmed down.

Warning**** These pictures may appear out of order. Ooops!
Mary and Korbin in the tent before we played games. It was raining a little at this point.... A little rain never hurt anyone!
Mary found a cattepillar and Korbin was being so cute looking at it and trying to pet it. This is me with my new sleeping bag. There were a few different choices at Target, but the one that spoke to me was the pink-camo!!! Too bad they didn't have a blue-camo for Bob. It was Mary's birthday on Friday so I made cupcakes for her. Korbin loved the frosting and licked it all off in 10 seconds. How can you not have fun with this little guy?
Here we are in the Nelson's tent playing cards after the fire went out. I think that we all took turns winning a hand.
Mmmmm we loved our hobo dinners. This was one of the first dinners I made for Bob when we got back from our honeymoon. -- So easy and so good!
Bob put our 2 man tent together, yes it looks baby, and yes it was raining the whole time- But it was awesome!

Our fire at the end of the trip where we roasted our hot dogs for lunch! Below, Russ, Korbin and Bob putting the tarps away as we clean up camp. This was on the bridge that we crossed to get to our campsite. At this point we were tired, smelly and hot. Ready to go home and take a shower and take a long nap. Thanks to the Nelson's who invited us and were great company!


Heather said...

Alyse, I like your blog. It's really cute. You almost made me want to go camping! haha. And I like your crocs, where did you get that style of them?!

Mark and JanaRae said...

Way to brave the rain. I guess we all need to do that this summer or we'll be stuck indoors everyday! It looks like you guys had fun.

Lindsay Carrick said...

So fun! It's crazy, but me & Chris have never been camping together!! We're finally going this summer!

Alisha Frost said...

It looks like you had fun camping! Isn't it great to have a husband to go with!? We need to hang out with you two soon. I don't think I've seen you since your wedding...

Leandra said...

oh this just reminds me of our crazy camping experience back in the day.