Saturday, June 13, 2009

My first classroom--- inside the school

I got the keys to my classroom at Vineyard Elementary. I can't wait to start taking my stuff over and decorating. Last year I had a Ocean/Pirate theme, but with all of the red in my classroom I am not sure if I want to continue that. If you have any ideas that go with red and for 2nd/3rd grade, let me know! I am so happy to have so much storage, huge windows and a sink with a drinking fountain!

Last night Bob and I went to one of his old roommates wedding receptions. Here is a picture of us there. It was fun to meet some of Bob's friends, and for him to introduce me as his wife!


blindblogger said...

Alyse your wedding pictures turned out awesome! There are a few I want to buy. he took a lot of pictures of Tate but they weren't displayed. Maybe if I e-mail him I can get him to show them to me. Have a fun summer!
We hope you and Bob can come to Beijing.

Emily Jones said...

Wow, your own classroom! But aren't you just a little disappointed to say goodbye to the bugs, Styrofoam bulletin boards, and stacks of papers and supplies without a home? It looks great. Congrats on a REAL classroom!

Rosie said...

Alyse, you should do a rodeo or cowboy theme with all that red!

Marianne and Alex said...

Alyse, I think the cowboy theme would be cute. If you need some help I have some cute ideas for it. Let me know!