Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dedicated to Rachel Green

When Bob and I got home from our honeymoon there were a couple boxes on our porch. One was from my friend Rachel in Washington. Inside the box was the cutest Apron, that SHE made!!!! I made lasagna that night for Bob wearing the new apron. Sorry it's not a full body shot. I will post one as soon as I cook again! Haha. (I have made dinner everyday since Saturday- but I think we are having pizza tonight!)

* As soon as I post a full picture and when Rachel get's her business going, I'll give you here information! She seriously is amazing! This picture doesn't do it justice, this is just a little something.

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perdue family said...

Dang girl... you look hot in that apron. I have an AWESOME roast recipe that is totally fool proof and so so so easy. If you want it let me know. Its the best roast i've ever had. period.