Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Honeymoon to the Bahamas!

We are back from the Bahamas, I am tan and Bob's skin is almost done peeling off. We had a wonderful time on our cruise. We ate WAY TOO MUCH, went to bed early, slept in and enjoyed being with one another. It was a great vacation and I am so happy that I could spend that time with Bob.
The favorite part for everyone, wearing your life jackets-
our ship, The sensation
waiting on our shuttle to get on the cruise ship! We made it!
Us on the balcony off of our room. We were so excited for the cruise to begin!
Just a balcony shot of me....
One of Bob's favorite parts of the cruise was the yogurt machine. He loved the strawberry and I'm sure he had atleast 4 cones the first day.
We ended up being on the late dinner time, so we had an hour or so to kill. Bob and I went upstairs and mini-golfed.
Bob beat me by 3 or 4 shots when we played. My goal is to beat him someday!

We went on a tour of the Garden of the Groves. The Groves were the people who founded the Bahamas. The gardens were beautiful even though it was very humid and hot.

I'm not sure if Bob liked this part as much as me--- haha!
In the Groves again. Bob still sporting the "I'm trying to enjoy this" face!
Enjoying our time on the beach. We stopped here after our tour to the gardens. I wish we could have stayed all day. It was beautiful!
Bob soaking up the sun. I am sure this was his favorite part of the day! haha.
Us on the beach- Freeport
Bob and I on formal night. Sadly this is the only picture I have on my camera of us together in our dress up clothes.
Me, posing with our towel animal.....
Bob and his new best friend.
Bob on the sailboat, this was a few minutes after I told him that he should put some sunscreen on. He told me he didn't need it, and doens't wear it. I'm pretty sure he will wear it from now on.
Sailing in the Bahamas on our way to go snorkel
I guess you can kiss when it's your honeymoon.
On the sailboat. A lady on the other side of the boat came over to take this of us, after she saw us taking some of ourselves.
Bob looking for the T-Shirt he wanted. I will have to take a picture of him wearing the one he got.

When we were docked Nassau we got off the ship in the afternoon to go shopping and look around. It was hot with all of the humidity so before we got back on the ship we got ourselves some drinks.
My handsome husband with his strawberry something.... I can't remember what he got but he loved it.
me looking a little burnt and my pina colada!
By the time Bob finished his drink, I still had over half of mine to finish. I was a little bit behind. The drinks were really good though.
Out of the 4 nights, we only stayed up late enough to go to the night show. There was a juggler who did some pretty cool tricks and then a comedian. We must have been up to late, because none of his jokes were funny, so we went back to our room.
A little bit of me and the ocean. We spent a few hours on the top of the boat laying out and reading.
While I was laying out, Bob liked to stand underneath these buckets and get cooled off. He got burnt when we went sailing.
Our cute little balcony off our room. We didn't know that people got balconies so they could smoke. It was fun to sit out there when our neighbors weren't out sending their smoke our way.
We aren't quite sure what this little towel animal was. I'm sure it's some water animal, but I can't think of it's name.
Us together on the last night of the cruise. We sat with two other couples, who were from Arizonia and New York.
Bob at dinner our last night on the cruise, showing off his wonderful dessert. Bob got the same dessert every night. Warming chocolate cake.
Bob and his new girlfriend Snow White. --- We were so BORED in the Orlando airport.
Here I am in front of the disney store with Snow White. Don't worry that we are wearing the same clothes as the night previous. We had to have our bags taken the night before.
The plane ride home! I was so tired at this point,we had spend almost 10 hours in the airport. We both got sick on the ride home, and were so glad to get back to our apartment that night. Bob's smile is definitely fake right here.

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Lindsay Carrick said...

What a fun honeymoon!! You guys are so cute and I want to go on a cruise so bad now! Loved all the pics, thanks for sharing!