Thursday, June 18, 2009

A few of my favorites!

Here are a few of my favorite wedding day photos! I am so lucky to have the world's greatest family- Before May 22nd there were only 6 of us, and now there are over 20 in my immediate family. I am so grateful for both sides of my family.
This was the view from our room at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building where our luncheon was held! It was a perfect day!
Us infront of the temple. I love this angle.
Nate and Staci, Giorgia, Jackson, Julia and Harrison. They live in the Tri-Cities, near Bob's parents.
My cute sisters, Ayrika (14) and Andrea (20)--I can't believe how grown up Ayrika looks. People think we are the same age a lot-
Bob's parents, us and my parents
An attempt to take a picture with all of the nieces and nephews. If you are under the age of 2, you have to start crying. Staci trying to get Giorgia in the picture, Abby, Julia, Me and Ty, Bob and Tate, Harrison and Jackson. It's crazy to go from no nieces and nephews to having 7! I love it!
My new family!
One without Bob-
A little smooch after we came out of the temple as Mr. and Mrs. Barber!
I love this picture, because this is really how they feel. Gross- Alyse is kissing a boy!-- My siblings are so good looking!
A picture of my Dad with my Grandma Hales!
A picture of us with Grandma Barber
The Barber women. Staci, Julia, Georgia, Ashley, Shannon, Me, Heather, Abby, and Kelsey!
My good friends Mary and Rachel were able to make it to my luncheon! Thank you Rachel for coming from Washington!!!!
Fielding cousins, Cory and Jen, Mitch, Brittney and Kyle!
My new inlaws David and Kelsey came from Wisconsin, where Dave attends medical school.
Dan, Ashley and Tate, my inlaws who got the farthest travelers award! They came from China, where they are currently living! I met them for the first time after we were sealed in the temple.
Like father like son. This is my Grandpa Hales and my Dad waiting for the luncheon to begin!
My cousins who could make it to the wedding. Matthew and Emily, Mark and JanaRae, JayneAnn, Mike and Laken! Thanks for coming!!!
Coming out of the Salt Lake Temple, What a great moment!
A little cheering for the new couple!!! Yea! We did it! I love being Mrs. Alyse Barber!
Our cake- Not only was it beautiful, but it was the best cake I have ever tasted! A lady in my parents ward made the cake for me! My aunt and sister put it together when they got it up to the JSMB.
Look at these handsome men! My father in law Lowell, Nate, Levi, Bob, Brad, David, and Dan.

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perdue family said...

I LOOOOOOOVE your cake!!! These are all such good pictures. And i LOVE your sisters skirts. I want one!!!