Saturday, June 20, 2009

A little bit of this....

Bob and I enjoyed a relaxing Friday. With the semester changing at BYU Bob had the day off from work. We slept in, until 9, suprisingly late for us. And made waffles for breakfast. We got ready and made our way to the temple. It was a beautiful day outside- which was a great change from our constant cloud coverage and sparatic rain showers. We ate lunch at Olive Garden with some wedding gift cards. We picked up a few groceries at my favorite grocery store, Buy Low and then went home to watch My Girl. Bob picked stuffed crust pizza for dinner. We attempted to make it, if you don't know the secret, you put string cheese into the crust. I had to cut mine in half to cut back, but Bob wanted all the cheese he could get. Here are some photos to show our night together!
BBQ sauce for our BBQ chicken pizza! Mmmmm it was so good!
Red onions that I cut-- look at that cutting board, I have been doing my fair share amount of cutting and cooking the past couple weeks.
Our baby amount of chicken- Bob thought I was being skimpy, but I knew our pizza wouldn't be too big. BTW Bob's mom bought us some of the best pans ever. I love cooking with them.
Bob being himself as he cut up some mushrooms for our pizza. He loved using the food chopper that we got for our wedding. I didn't think to pull it out until after he cut all of the mushrooms.We became obsessed with Jeopardy- For some reason we can't get enough of it. We know a few answers each night- but it's always fun to guess!
* Verdict- It was good, but the crust that we made didn't work that well with the stuffed crust!


Lindsay Carrick said...

That's a fun idea, I'll have to try making a B-BQ chicken pizza. Chris will be sold at pizza for sure!

Josh and Rach said...

I just want to tell you how cute you are!! I remember being all excited to cook together and do all those little married things. I'm so happy that I got TWO blog shout outs :) I just realized I didn't comment on either one, geesh, what kind of friend is that?! I'm glad you loved the apron though! When will you guys be in WA again?