Sunday, August 1, 2010

Girls Camp 2010

Wow.... This was my first time experiencing girls camp, as a leader instead of a participant and all I can say is Wow. Surprisingly it was a lot harder then I thought it would be. We had a wonderful time amidst all of the rain and rodents.

-We ate wonderful food and had tons of leftovers.
-Living in an A-Frame cabin #7. Leaders on the 2nd floor.
-We enjoyed one another's company each night talking and playing games.
-Going canooing and participating in the confidence course.
-We had late nights of laughing with the leaders as we tried to fall asleep.
-Making picture book for children in need.
-Hearing wonderful messages from our Stake Presidency
-Calling on one of the youth to come save us from the rodents, night after night.
-Many trips to the "biffy" to use the bathroom and brushing our teeth.
-Stringing tarps from every tree to protect us from the sun and rain.
-Making my first baby hat during the service project, to be sent to a baby in the Nicu.
-Getting "Best hair award" apparently my curls held up for a few days.
-Singing lots of camp songs, some familiar and some not so familiar.
-Trying to come up with different songs for roll call each morning and night.
-4 leaders working on building a fire while the youth mocked us. It took 45 minutes.
-Not showering for 5 days straight.... that was hard.
-Giving gifts to my secret sister who thought they were from her BFF because they were just what she wanted.
-Being secretly happy when the rain, lightning and thunder canceled the hike.
-Not getting any secret sister gifts because my girl didn't show.
-Learning and doing the Haka for one of our roll calls.Here is our group of YW and leaders. In all we had 10 girls and 4 leaders, with some girls coming late and going home early. The leaders, Me, Hilary, Anna and Jacqueline. Not smiling in pictures is hard for me.

-Making my first tinfoil dinner with chicken.
-Eating lots of popsicles that the Bishop brought up.
-Playing the no teeth showing fruit name calling game.
-Reading our scriptures and sharing devotionals on the young women values.
-Meeting 10 new friends/sisters in the ward.
-Sharing our testimonies with one another.
-Meeting the Potguts, naming them, feeding them, and shooing them away.

-Cleaning, cleaning, and cleaning.
-Having to use my teacher voice EVERY DAY to get the YW to help us.
-Being very appreciative to my previous leaders, and hoping I was a YW who helped out.
-Laying in bed each night full of gratitude even though each day was hard.
-Coming home and enjoying a hot shower and a long nap!


James and Jenny said...

Was that at Mia Shalom? I love girls camp. It is much different as a leader, but lots of fun! I have been in YW's for the past 7 years in 3 different wards and I love it! The girls are so much fun!! Glad you had a good time!

Brittany said...

Oh my goodness! Look at you, crazy awesome YW leader. That sounds like a memorable time. I would HATE not showering. Annnnnd can we craft again soon? Anytime before next friday.