Monday, August 16, 2010

Post 200

I left my house this morning and saw that my poor tomato plant had a miracle. (I have 2, they both have struggled all summer and have only had 1 tomato each.) When I glanced at them, I saw that one of them had gained some color. I have a tomato!!!!Next stop was Walmart. I needed to grab some notebooks and labels for my classroom. I wanted all of my notebooks to be the same color for all of the students. As I was pulling out yellow notebooks and throwing them in my cart some old lady started talking to me. She asked if I was a teacher and I replied yes. For the next 10 minutes she proceeded to bash on 1. Alpine School District, 2. Public Education, and 3. Property Tax and how 80% of hers goes to Alpine. She was quite upset. I just got to be the person who she vented to. It was quite interesting.

Grabbed some hair color with my cousin Emily. And then we went to her house for the afternoon where I got a little make over. I am going back to brunette, got rid of all of my split ends, trimmed my bangs, and got my eyebrows waxed. (pictures coming soon)

The whole time I was there I got to play with this little boy. Max is getting bigger everyday and it was a blast to hang out with him this afternoon.
Bob cleaned our entire house while I was gone today. I just have to say, I am spoiled and I am so grateful for my wonderful husband.

Tonight I baked 3 dozen chocolate chip cookies and made my first layered jello dessert. Tomorrow we are having a funeral in our ward and those were my assignments. I am so proud of myself for making the jello. My aunt Lisa is a professional at Jello desserts. I know mine doesn't look as good as hers, but I hope it tastes good.


blindblogger said...

Way to go on the tomatoes and jello!

Mike and Laken Cannon said...

Don't you love random bashings on public ed? That is never pleasant. :( Sorry. My mom is going to feel like a superstar when I tell her you mentioned her in your blog. :) I'd say your jello looks just like hers! Bravo!

Mary said...

so i am jealous you did post cards for your kids-- and even more jealous you have your class lists..we can t get ours till the 18th... which is almost tomorrow--- i am excited to see your hair- love that you went to the st. George temple it is pretty- that is where i got hitched! -- oh and by the way 7 week still our run..... i am going to start running AGAIN on saturday............. congrats on the tomatoes-my neighbor planted some for me in my back yard after she built me garden boxes.... they died... guess you have to water those guys..