Sunday, August 15, 2010


I just finished 27 hand written postcards to my new students. My hand is dead. I should've chosen a shorter message to write... but oh well.

I can't believe I am sending these out tomorrow, reminding them about back to school night, NEXT WEEK!

While I was working on the postcards and looking over my class list, I learned that:

-I have two students who were in my class at the beginning of last year when I was teaching the 2nd/3rd split. Both who are darling and I am so glad I get to teach them for 3rd grade.
- I have 17 girls and 10 boys. Uh Oh.


Karie said...

Ooo, I hope my students don't talk to your students and find out they have a lazy teacher! You are AMAZING!

Emily Jones said...

I'm seriously so impressed. You are such a hard worker and an amazing teacher. Good work!

Anderson Family said...

You are such a cute teacher I would have loved to have you as my 3 grade teacher. None of my teachers ever sent me a post card!

Mrs. Dean said...

Handwritten! You're so good! I was just going to use mail merge.

Mark and JanaRae said...

You are an amazing teacher! Wow what lucky students. Is back to school night the same for all Alpine school district? I think I am a little out of the loop already and school hasn't even started UGH.