Sunday, September 18, 2011

Beach Day

One of my last days in Hawaii we went to a beach down the road and spent the morning there. We set up our chairs and laid out our towels in preparation for our morning there. It was a beautiful day. Some people set up next to us said they had been out snorkeling and had seen some amazing fish and a few turtles out in the water not too far from the shore.

Ashley and I rented some snorkeling gear and went out. We snorkeled for 5-10 minutes before we ran into two huge turtles. It was so fun to just swim around them. At one point they were just a few feet beneath us and swam on by. It was so cool. We tried to let others use our gear to go see them, but they weren't able to find them.

In this picture of Bob and I, the people in the water behind us is where we were snorkeling.

 Ty enjoyed playing in the sand, swimming, and racing his cousins on the beach.

Tate enjoyed the beach, even though my only picture of him might not show how much. 

Bob found his place for the rest of the day. 

Coy had the perfect set up, and played in this pool. Then he found something better and realized he could lean over and get into the sand.

Abby practicing her surfing on the sand, and in the water with help from her Mom. 

 All in all, we had a wonderful time.

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