Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dinner @ Wailea

One night we went to a burger place at the Wailea shops near our condo. Here are a few pictures from dinner. (Sorry about the sun, we were kind of seated outside.)
 Bob and I (Don't think I plan to match everyday, it just happens.)
 Brad and Shannon
 Little Miss Abby, we had such a good time on this trip.
And cute baby Coy, who was such a good baby on this trip.

Here are a few pictures after dinner. Brad and Bob were goofing around and getting some attention from the other mall goers. 

 Bob the fountain
 Brad and Bob (maybe there is a flag in the distance?)
Brad in full model pose.

And to finish this long post off, here are a few normal pictures of the family. 

 Bob and I 
Brad with Coy, Ty, Abby, and Tate
Brad, Ashley, Bob, and me

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