Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Baby's in Hawaii

Because of my work schedule and Bob's school schedule I flew to Hawaii the day before Bob and he flew home a few days me. Brad and I flew to Hawaii early Friday morning. Brad and I got lucky on our long flight and we both had a row to ourselves so we could sleep the entire flight.

The next morning we returned to the airport to pick up Bob, and Levi's family. It was so fun to be there waiting for the flight to come in. Bob has been looking forward to Hawaii all summer and you could tell he was so happy when he got off the plane.

Bob grew out his hair before the trip and then was going to trim the sides. Well long story short, he ended up having to shave the whole thing. He needed someone to tell him how it looked because this is what his hair looked like when he took his hat off. Ooops!

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