Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What I do best

At our condo complex there were 4-5 small pools and then 1 large pool right by the beach. The rules at the pools are very strict. No floats or toy, you couldn't play any noisy games, etc. When you are there without kids, it works out just fine. But with kids, it's hard to not play games and be noisy. The rules were strictly enforced at the large pool, so we learned our lesson and went to the small pools. Our condo had 2 floats and we would float around on them.

It was so relaxing and fun. One day everyone went back to eat lunch and I stayed at the pool for a little while longer. Since there was no one in the pool, I got my nook, and layed on the float and just read my book in the middle of the pool. It was awesome!!!!

Levi started a challenge to see who could swim down and back across the pool without taking a break. Levi and I were the only ones who could do it!


Leandra said...

This is the best trip ever and you look amaaaaaaazing!

Jolene Huff said...

I'm glad you finally updated!!

Danielle said...

How come you guys always get to go to Hawaii. I need to be invited or something. Love all the posts!