Friday, September 16, 2011

oh the horror of 3rd grade

I'm sorry that every other post in my life is about school.... but that is my life.

On Monday I had a doctors appointment so I didn't come to school until noon. As the kids came in from recess they were all excited to see that I was back. I got them started on their assignment and one little boy came over to talk to me. This kid is animated every time he talks, he always has a funny face.  So he starts putting his hands into his shirt as he talks to me.

"Mrs. Barber, at lunch today this girl came to our table and she put her arms in her shirt like this, and then she did this (pushes his fists away from his chest in the breast area) and said I'M DEVELOPING!(Picture this boy saying it in a high screechy voice, with a funny face.) *At this point I pull the kid in the hall because everyone is looking and I realize this is serious. Once in the hall, I ask him "So what happened again?" And he puts his arms back in his shirt and repeats the previous story with actions.

"Mrs. Barber, then she said Feel Them! And P (girl in my class) touched them. I didn't touch them Mrs. Barber,  I promise."

So I talked to the other teachers during collaboration that afternoon and found out who it was. Parents were called, principal was involved. Apparently the girl had a few older sisters. And she was excited about going shopping for her first training bra soon. Wow- kids know way too much these days!


kara said...

Hey Alyse. You know, at first I was thinking, "Whoa. This girl is developing in 3rd grade?!" But then I remembered that I started my period before 6th grade, so I guess it's not too far off. How soon we forget! I'm glad you could deal with that calmly. I probably would have lost it. haha.

Mark and JanaRae said...

Holy Cow! I can't believe this. Um and sometimes I want to call you and get help with our 3rd grade homework. It can be a little confusing :)