Friday, September 9, 2011

I made it to Friday

I interrupt the Hawaii blog posts (a few more in the making) to bring you a school update:

Naughty boy who got kicked out of computers twice already this year (we have only gone 6 times) was in the bathroom for quite a while this afternoon. I only let 1 boy and 1 girl go at a time with the bathroom pass. Another kid G was "dying" to go, so I  told him to check on T in the bathroom. Just to make sure he wasn't playing around.  G came back while everyone was silently working and announced to the class loudly, "Don't worry, he isn't playing around he is just going poop!"

Last year one of my kids gave me this itty bitty statue from Hollywood that says, "Hollywood Best Teacher." If you need a refresher, you can find it here. I still have it on my desk and I heard some kids talking about it today. On our way to lunch this sweet girl stops me.
"Mrs. Barber, I have a question for you."
--- Yes?
"I heard you got the best teacher in Hollywood award"
--- (I pause, think about it, and reply) Yes, Yes I did.
"Wow that is awesome!"

She seriously thought I had won this prestigious award, it was SO funny. I left the lunch room laughing. It seriously made my day.

Oh and have I mentioned that one of the boys in my class reminds me of Alfalfa from Little Rascals? He is so cute, he always parts his hair and slicks it down. (I'll sneak a pic next week on his best hair day and post it.)

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