Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hales Family Reunion

Our reunion this year, was held in Herriman, Utah. My Dad was in charge and after many family meetings we planned out a bunch of fun things to do here in Utah. Bob was able to come up and spend a day and night before he had to go back to work.

Some of the highlights included:

- 50 family members staying in the same house
- Watching videos made by each family
- Making Pepsi runs for Grandpa
- Lunch in the park and bocce ball competitions
- Talent show
- Baby picture contest
- Temple Square & Meet the Mormons
- Boondocks (toe injury)
- Matching family shirts & family numbers
- Playing games and catching up

People always say, "Oh you're going to a family reunion" like it's a bad thing. Our family reunions are always the highlight of my summer and I'm so glad we got to spend a few days together. For the shirts, we ironed on the number that that person came into the family on the sleeve of each shirt. I was #18 and Ruby was #56. My two cousins are having babies this summer and they will be #58 and #59. It's so fun to see our family grow.

Olivia playing during family pictures.

All in white for pictures.

I really wanted a picture of Bob eating his birthday cake. (I was nursing during the song and candle blow out.) This was all he would give me. 

Olivia loved playing with her cousins Addy and Noelle.

The boys were watching one of the NBA finals games.

Trying to figure out sleeping arrangements was pretty funny. 

Sleeping in bed with this cutie and she doesn't wake up. Why is that??

Jense was awake bright and early.

Sleeping during lunch at the park.

Olivia was VERY timid at the splash pad.

Red face after playing basketball. Bob & Brent vs. Jaxon & Nathaniel.

Gotta keep a close eye on the grandparents. (They are always in between naps.)

Playing games with Mom's cousins. 

My Dad brought his popcorn machine for movie night.

Happy girl at Temple Square.

Exploring with Grandma Sue.

Scared and crying at the top of the play place at Boondocks.

A little happier now that Mom is with her. 

Picture of the November 14th birthday girls. Grandma Vonne, Mia, & Olivia

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