Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Ruby the snack theif

We had our first real experience where Ruby was picking on Olivia. {Besides the fact that Ruby pulls Olivia's hair whenever she is in reach. She loves Olivia so much that she just wants to grab onto her all of the time.}

We went to the river/splash pad on Springville Main. How we got there is another story in it's self. (Bob had the day off, I said let's get out and do something. The new Springville Reservoir had just opened so we loaded up the car, got the girls in their suits and lathered in sunscreen. We started driving and I put the address I had found into my phone and it wouldn't pull up. I tried our car's gps and it wouldn't pull it up either. And by that point, I looked back and Olivia had fallen asleep in the car. So we went home. We tried to lay Olivia down in bed, but she was already awake and she wanted to go swimming. So we loaded everyone back into the car and we went to the river.)

We played for almost two hours and it past time for lunch and naps. Olivia didn't want to leave and threw a fit. She was crying in the car and wanted a snack so Bob opened up a fruit leather and passed it back to her. She continued crying the whole way home and I could hear the word snack - but just assumed she was mad that it was a fruit leather and not something better.

When we got home and I started to unbuckle Ruby I noticed that she had Olivia's fruit leather in hand. Her little face was priceless. She was so happy that she had gotten that snack. Poor Livy.

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Leandra said...

This is so so funny. Ruby for the win! If you're kids are anything like mine, I'm a little happy inside when the younger one gets a victory and picks on the older one a little bit. :) But just a little bit.