Thursday, June 18, 2015

splash pad flop

Yesterday we had planned to go to the Springville splash pad/river with Andrea and Jense. But after getting ready and almost loaded in the car, Olivia started throwing up. It's crazy because she was sick all day Monday and then was fine all day Tuesday. So it was quite the surprise. After she got out of the bath, she was feeling great and was sad when I told her we couldn't go.

So this morning I decided we would try it again since Olivia had been throw up free for almost 24 hours. We got our swimsuits on, sunscreen lathered, bags packed and down the street we went. I'm not sure what is the best way with 2 kids, but I unloaded without the stroller and we got to the splash pad and it was dry. (Insert sad face.) I saw the maintenance man come out of the building and told another Mom that they were fixing something and it most likely wouldn't be working today. So I am holding our bag, shade tent, and Ruby and have to tell Olivia that we need to go back to the car. She is upset and starts crying. I'm trying to think of something else when a lady comes over and invites us to some activities that are going on in the park.

The Provo Early Intervention Program was having a few activities in the park and then doing a tour of the Firehouse. It was just starting so there weren't too many people there. Olivia was in heaven. They had pools with water with a little fishing game, noodles, and cups. Then they had buckets of water with balloons. They had the kids grab a water balloon and transfer it to the color coordinating bucket. Olivia got to make a little boat and a glitter sensory bottle. By the time we finished the splash pad was working again so we went over to cool off. The water lasted about 30 minutes and then shut off, right as Ruby fell asleep in the tent. We waited another half hour for the water to turn back on before we left. We lucked out that we got to have a bunch of fun, even if the splash pad had a bunch of problems.

This is my favorite picture, I love how this water balloon was so big and Olivia is using all of her strength to walk it across. 

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