Friday, June 12, 2015

Olivia 2.5

Olivia wakes up around 8 and promptly asks for breakfast and a show. We make her go potty and then she is off to play until breakfast is ready. She likes cereal, strawberry yogurt, pancakes, Mickey Mouse Waffles or cinnamon sugar toast - not toasted. "I want cinnamon sugar bread mom, don't put it in the toaster." She currently drinks a cup of 2% milk and water throughout the day.

Her morning ritual includes watching a show or two on the Disney channel. Her favorites are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Sophia the 1st. She'll watch Doc McStuffins but doesn't care for Jake and the Pirates.

She is on a puzzle kick and can't get enough of them. She has a book of Frozen puzzles, her ABC puzzle and a Mickey Mouse puzzle that she does numerous times a day. While in Hawaii we stopped at Savers to grab some books and activities and found a life size Doc McStuffins puzzle for her. She also is back in a baby phase. She has been carrying her baby around the last few days taking care of her. mostly mimicking me taking care of Ruby.

Lately with Ruby now sitting up and playing with her toys, I will find Olivia playing next to her. Olivia will talk to her, and always tries to make her happy when she starts crying. When Ruby is in the jumperoo, Olivia will stand in front of Ruby and play with her. She is getting better at sharing her toys and her princesses with Ruby.

If the weather is nice we try to get out of the house and go to the park. Olivia loves to climb, go down the slides, and swing. She is getting more adventurous every time we go. It has been rainy on and off everyday this month. Olivia will say, "Mom, can we go to the park tomorrow?" I'll reply - if it's not raining. "Ooo K Mom. If it's not raining we will go to the park." Her little OK is seriously the cutest thing ever.

She still naps everyday, although it has been a little trickier lately. She goes down around 1:00-2:00 and sleeps anywhere from 1-3 hours. Since she can open her door and she is potty trained, she uses it to her advantage. I'll put her in her bed, "Mom can you read me a little book?" and after a story I shut the door and minutes later I'll see her door opening. Usually with the excuse that she needs to go to the bathroom. And she says, "Just a pee Mom, not a poop."

Her current favorite movies are The Aristocats and The Princess and the Frog (which she calles Tiana and the Frog).

She has a Rapuzel dress and Elsa pajama dress that she wants to wear all of the time. When I can't stand it on her anymore I put it in the wash. Until I am ready to see it again I tell her it's getting washed. She would live in them if I let her.

She had a month where she cried overtime we took her to nursery. Bob and I had to stay with her for the first 5-10 minutes and then we could leave her. We bribed her with some Frozen puzzles and since then, she has done great and goes in without crying. (It's crazy for me to think that in 6 months she will be going to primary!)

When we go to my parents house she wants to spend all of her time jumping on the tramp. It is one of her favorite things to do.

"Oh no Mom, what's gonna happen?" Said while watching TV or a movie that she has already seen.

"Get it big Mom" She doesn't like her sandwiches to be cut in half or her cup to be filled halfway.

"Oh, that's not bad" Said when something is bad. Still a little confused on this saying.

"Let's go to Hawi." I love how she said Hawaii, and she asks to go back like it's just down the street.

"No!" Said way to much.

"Thank you Momma" "Thank you Dada" Have been said a lot more lately. Melts me every time.

"I need a snack from the pantry." Said all day everyday.

"Put some in my hand." When I am cooking she wants to eat some of the ingredients, usually cheese.

"I'm sorry, it was my fault."

"I won't do it ever ever again."

Oatmeal = Oatmilk
Rootbeer = Rootbeard
Exercise = Nexercise

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Danielle Bates said...

I love when you write these posts. She is so cute, I need to come visit you the next time I am down that way. Keep writing, its my favorite.