Friday, June 19, 2015

Maui 2015

Bob's brother Brad is in DC for his summer internship. Bob's brother and parents started talking about going to visit him for Memorial Day Weekend. We jumped on board since that weekend would be our anniversary and we hadn't been on a kidless vacation since before Olivia. (Obviously we would've taken Ruby, but babies are lots easier than toddlers.) We got the days off from work and were getting ready to buy our flights when we realized Brad wasn't going to be in town that weekend. His internship had him going elsewhere. We had the days off but we weren't sure what we were going to do. The DC trip was already being put together last minute and then we didn't do anything for a few days after we reapplied we couldn't go.

On Wednesday May 13th, we decided we should go somewhere. We talked about going to Denver and then explored San Francisco. When Bob pulled up the Google Map of the US with prices for flights, he found that tickets to San Fran were $350 and flights to Hawaii were $450. I thought - for $100 more, thats a no brainer. I've always wanted to go to Kauai so we started talking about that option. Bob called his parents to see if they wanted to join us. They could get flights to Maui but for them it was not cheap to go to Kauai last minute. Bob called his boss and was able to get the whole week off instead of just the few we had originally asked for.

Early Saturday morning (3 days later) we left for Hawaii with both kids in tow. Since Bob's parents live in Washington, they don't get to see Olivia as often as we would like, so she got a grand vacation for being a 2 year old. The flights there weren't bad at all. I sat by a cute couple from West Jordan who were leaving their 4 kids home for 2 weeks. They were a little nervous, but when they heard Olivia have a melt down, I am sure they were glad they left them. Olivia full on cried/screamed/loudest fit ever for about 25 minutes. She fell asleep when we got on the second flight and when she woke up it was a nightmare. Mostly for Bob though, because I was nursing Ruby when it started and there wasn't anything I could do.
Mid Tantrum!
Seriously the happiest and easiest baby.
Loaded in the car with a suitcase on Bob and the stroller on me.

Lowell and Shannon were picking up their luggage when we got to the airport and helped us get all of ours. (Traveling with kids is crazy! 2 carseats, 1 double stroller, diaper bag, purse, carry on, large suitcase and Bob's golf clubs.) We barely squeezed all of our stuff and ourselves into the rental van and off we went. To Costco. My favorite place at home and in Hawaii. We grabbed some fruit, breakfast foods, the best bread (Maui Crunch) and some ribs, veggies, and potatoes for our Sunday meal.
Only Shannon can make a feast like this in Hawaii. This was my favorite meal of our trip. 

It felt so good to unpack and relax at our condo. The past few times we have gone, we have stayed on Wailea, at Ekahi Village. This time we decided to try something new and we rented a condo that was on the Wailea Blue golf course. I believe it was hole #9 that was right out our door. This was great for the men. They loved sitting out on the lanai and watching the golfers as they passed through. During the week they played that course a couple times and the Gold and Emerald courses there.

Bob and Lowell golfing the hole by our condo.

The pool was close to our condo, but it was up a few switchbacks. It took some serious strength to walk up it and push both of the girls in the stroller. We tried to make it to the pool every morning for a few hours. The men didn't want to stay as long as Shannon and I. A few times after feeding Ruby, Bob and Lowell would take the girls back to the condo while Shannon and I read, swam and enjoyed the sun. I read a few books while I was there and it was certainly heaven.

We had the pool to ourselves most days. If we saw anyone it was usually only 2-3 other people.

One of the books I read. 

Celebrating 6 years!!
We enjoyed a day in Lahaina and took a boat tour. It was fun to see some of the fish in the water and do something new. (Although we won't be doing it again, ha ha.) We went to a bakery that Bob's grandparents went to regularly when they would live in their condo a few months out of the year. And  finished off the day with pizza and Lahaina Pizza Co. (BJ's pizza) This is one of our favorite meals in Maui, we love the pizza and the pazookies.

Church is always fun in Maui, especially when most of Sunday School is made up of visitors. We bought some leis to wear, as is tradition when we go. Olivia looked so cute in hers. The only problem was Ruby. Whoever was holding her had to take theirs off or she attacked it. There were a lot of petals on the pew after Sacrament meeting. The sweet couple that I sat next to on the way to Hawaii was attending the same ward there in Kehei.

We had a great beach day and Olivia loved the sand. She didn't want to get close to the water. I think the sound of the waves scared her, because she loved swimming in the pool. Ruby played a little in the sand, but she fell asleep after I fed her. I brought my little pop up tent and she slept right there on the beach. Olivia and Bob dug and played together for over an hour. Bob helped Olivia dig a hole that he got in and then he tried to teach her to bury him.

We played lots of games of Rook, watched a few shows, ate way too many desserts and goodies, enjoyed the sun, read a few books, and enjoyed being with one another. The week seriously went by in a flash. I am so glad that we were able to throw the trip together so quickly and that Bob's parents were able to meet us there.

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