Friday, June 19, 2015

weight check @ 8 months

Today we ran over to the pediatricians office for another weight check. 2 weeks ago (when Ruby went up in percentile) they asked that I come back in 2-3 weeks, weird right? Anyway she was 12.14 and today she was 13.2. While I was waiting, I was planning it out in mind that I'd have to wean her and get her to take a bottle. (Assuming she wasn't getting enough or that my milk wasn't high calorie.) I thought for sure she hadn't gained enough. She went from .88 to .82%- so not a huge drop like I thought. They told me that her numbers looked great.

I would've weaned her in a heartbeat if that was what was needed. I love nursing, but her health is my main priority, not my feelings. I have been trying to feed her around 2 jars of baby food, and she sucks/chews on table food throughout the day in addition to nursing. I know I shouldn't have goals that I have no control over, but I'd love to see 14 pounds at her 9 month appointment.

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