Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Decorations!!!

I love our little entertainment center.... so many cute things we had to put on it. Including the artic circle Christmas Troll set! (My Mom may have collected those when I was a babetot)
Putting the decorations on the tree after church! Thank you Danielle for cutting us down a tree!
Danielle, Jordon, Lacee and I in front of the final product. We were so excited and loved it!~
A couple days later I woke up to this.... At first I thought we had been robbed. But we hadn't, the tree was just being a little crazy and decided to fall over in the middle of the night. I'm surprised that none of us woke up.

There were Christmas bulbs everywhere and a lot of them had been broken! Sad day. But the good news is we tied the tree to our vent and it is back in standing position.... looking just as good!

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