Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow.... Gotta love it!

So this morning's commute took 45 minutes instead of the normal 20. Which was fine because I was out of bed earlier than normal today. I get so nervous driving in the snow, I hate not being in control. I made it safe, but with the wrong shoes. I wore these awful boots with heels. I didn't want my feet to be cold. So I walk inside the school and our nice linoleum floor with wax on it didn't agree with the boots and I slipped, but caught myself before the fall. I didn't have any other shoes except for some slippers. YES I am wearing slippers at school.

I just got done with lunch and was walking back to the trailer. The custodian was scraping the walk in front of my classroom with the four wheeler, he was probably 15 feet away, and as I walked towards my trailer, I slipped and ate it hard core. My pants are soaked-- Something I tell my students not to do! And I scraped my arm... Of course this was at recess so all of the kids are staring and the custodian is sitting on his four wheeler laughing at me.

I love the snow!

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