Tuesday, December 2, 2008

3rd Grade Turkey Trot

Every year our school has a turkey trot for each grade. In past years they gave away a turkey to the first place boy and girl. This year they gave T-shirts... Some of the kids were disappointed. I was excited to watch the kids race. We talked about doing our best and for some finishing was just as good as winning. A girl in my class, Courtlynn took 2nd place for the girls. Both of the winners were from my friend Emily's class. We had a half hour set aside, but the race only took mmmm 1 minute. So we played around after with our classes. Emily and I decided to race, and we have pictures to document it.
We only ran half of the field... Teacher's get a break. We were both laughing so hard at this point. Her class was yelling... GO MRS. JONES, and my class was yelling GO MISS HALES. It seriously was so cute and I didn't want to let my class down, I was determined to win.
*** Side note, Emily had some slip on shoes on, so I thought I had it made. Miss Mitchell was taking pictures and she started the race. I took off, good start, and then I hear Mrs. Jones laughing and I turn to see her on the ground. She had fallen. Haha. I started running in place and turned around-- And as soon as I did that she was running past me. I had lost my head start, but I ran after her. And as you can see....
She beat me. I took 2nd. My favorite part of this picture is my student Emily in the far left corner who is jumping in the air as she watches me take 2nd place. Oh and my necklace broke during the race... But it was worth it. Mrs. Jones was laughing so hard and she felt so bad for passing me when I was waiting for her.
Here we are with our classes as we talk about the race. I love teaching 3rd grade. Each day is a new adventure.

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