Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Kids tell the truth.. well almost always!

So this week has been a fun week with my face looking like I have a major Blotchy sunburn and add some swolenness to it. It is still red, but now I am in the peeling stage so it may even look worse than on Monday.

Mattie: Miss Hales, what's on your face. Me-Nothing. M-I am sure there is something on your face.

Dax: Why is your face looking like that? --- after I told him he asked the class aide if she had had her acne scars lasered off. SOOO Funny.

Isaikk: Yikes! What happened to your face? -- He was gone Monday and Tuesday so I had to explain it AGAIN.

Alejandra: Teacher, what happened to your face? ME- It got burned. A-Oh ya, that happened to my mom.

Me- Raise your hand if you noticed something different about my face.... Every hand shoots into the air and the class starts discussing it. (This was after all of my kids came in looking at me like the world had come to an end, and I felt I should explain!)

On the plus side, a lot of kids tell me that it is looking better, and I told them they had to be quiet because it hurts my face to talk. They have been awesome this week!

I really should take a picture, but it's so gross.....

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