Saturday, December 6, 2008

Getting into the Christmas Sprirt!

This week at school we were collecting coins for some low income families in our area and also collecting food for the food bank. So this week was a big week for service projects. Can I just tell you how much I love my tots? They are seriously the cutest and sweetest kids.

On Monday we collected pennies and our class only brought in $.79. Only a couple kids remembered to bring pennies. Which is fine because it was hard to remember to bring things over the Thanksgiving break. Tuesday we brought nickels, Wednesday was dimes, Thursday was quarters and then on Friday you could bring any kind of bills. With my class I challenged them to get more than the day before. Each day they did just that! On Thursday I told the class that if everyone brought 1 dollar we would have 33 dollars and beat Thursday's amount. On Friday I had two girls who went above and beyond. One girl brought ten dollars and the other girl brought 8. Courtlynn my student who brought $8 was telling her friend that she had been watching her neighbors frog while they were on vacation and they gave her the money. It was as simple as that, she had worked and got $8, and now she was giving it to another family for Christmas. What great examples the kids in my class are to me. Our total for the week was $71.67!!! I was so impressed! And look at all of these cans and food items!!!!Last night Bob and I went up to Salt Lake to see the lights on the Temple. Salt Lake Temple has always been my favorite and I hadn't seen the lights for a few years. Don't worry that it was SO busy. With all the hustle and bustle of Christmas, the beautiful Temple and the Jazz game- there was no where to park. Finally we found a place to park and walked a distance to the Temple. We listened to the nativity story as we slowly started to freeze and then walked around the temple. It seriously was so beautiful and I loved every second.

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