Sunday, December 7, 2008

Good or Bad, we do not know!

So yesterday my Mom had me meet her at this laser place so the doctor could look at my face. My sister goes there to get laser hair removal... just a small unibrow! Anywho, they were having a deal with removing acne scars so my Mom wanted them to look at me. I drive over, thinking this is weird, I think I have a pretty nice face- there are flaws, but not too many. The next thing I know, I am laying in the chair in the fetal position holding on to my legs as they zap my face with a laser and my face isn't numbed. It was quite painful. But I survived. Then I got all my papers and meds and went home. Oh don't worry my face was a tomato. Good thing Bob doesn't judge and he was alright with it. I was supposed to get this numbing cream for the pain, but it didn't make it in the bag. We had a fun night and I didn't notice the pain too much. Bob seriously was so good to me not to laugh or make fun, especially since my face was also greesy from the lotions and not smelling that great.

I woke up this morning to Bob waking me up for church, or just asking me if I wanted a ride. I told him I would meet him there. My face hurt and when I looked in the mirror I was scared out of my mind. I am sure anyone who sees me will be scared. (Sorry to all the 3rd graders who expect a normal teacher at school tomorrow.) So my face is not only bright red but it has creases in it and big brown spots from where he was zapping it. It says on the paper that these things may accur. But I read this paper after it happened since my Mom was just so excited about this happening to me. I started to bawl. I look like an oompaloompa or a burn victim. My face looks 100x worse and I couldn't stop crying. I called my Mom and bawled to her, I was too embarrassed to go to church, I look scary. So she called the doctor and we are going to see him at 10. Hopefully he will give me some numbing cream and tell me this will all fade in a day. If I knew how to work my camera on my computer I might take a picture of myself, oh it's so gross. haha.

So if you are wondering where I am--- I am hiding in my room. It is that scary. I'll just post a good picture to remember my face.

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