Monday, July 18, 2011

Bob's Surprise

A few weeks ago Bob came home from his church meetings and realized that he had forgotten his scriptures at the church building. Because we were going to church in a couple hours, we didn't worry. But when we got to church, we couldn't find his scriptures. They weren't in the lost and found either. Each week we kept checking back, but we never found them.

Bob had been reading his scriptures off of his phone and I knew he really needed some new ones. I went to Deseret Book to get him a new set. I had never bought scriptures before and they are expensive. haha. Bob was so surprised when he found them later that day.

I am sure that his old scriptures are going to turn up any day now, since he has his new ones.

(I might've been laying on the couch and used my cell phone to take this picture. So bad quality and really bad picture.)

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