Thursday, July 14, 2011

Malawi's Pizza

Yes we are behind on the times, and we finally tried Malawi's Pizza at The Riverwoods. We had no idea what to expect but I knew we had to get a dessert pizza. (Thanks for the recommendation Laken!)

We ordered a few pizzas, and took our seats to wait. We seriously had our pizza within 5 minutes. I was so surprised at how fast their service was.

We loved all of the pizzas. They all came out at the same time and we wanted to eat our dessert pizza hot so we were eating dessert and dinner at the same time. Next time we will order our dinner pizza first, eat it, and then order our dessert pizza.

I also LOVED their super thin crust. I felt justified in eating an extra piece or two.

Peanut Butter Smores pizza. YUM

Hawaiian Pizza

And last but not least, one happy husband!


Mark and JanaRae said...

we have not tried that pizza either. It looks so good. I think Mark and I have better head down there soon.

PS. who are you swimming with? I would love to come if you are in the mood to help me chase 4 crazy boys!

perdue family said...

LOVE Malawi's!!!!! Been there a couple of times and I loved everything i've ordered. Its a hidden gem.

Mike and Laken Cannon said...

So glad you liked it! Especially the s'more pizza. Glorious. Just before I left for Texas I had the s'more pizza three days in a row so I could have my fix while I was gone. Best three days ever. We'll all have to go together some time. :) Love you!