Monday, July 18, 2011

Golf Lovers

Once upon a time I married a golfer. Prior to that I wasn't much of a golfer. Now I enjoy watching Bob golf and when we mini golf, I try to give him some competition. I must say, I am getting better after many tips from Bob.

This weekend we went to Trafalga twice. I wish I could say that I beat Bob- but I didn't. One day I will, but it might take a lot more practice.

We both had a few hole in ones, and I had a really good game on Friday and shot par. Today was another story and I had quite a few bad holes.

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Hillary said...

You guys are so cute together! Glad that you are practicing with him. Keep trying and you'll beat him some time.
And by the way, Alyse you are so skinny! I wish I could swear off sugar like you have. Maybe one of these days.