Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer Swimming

Earlier in the summer I was in the mood for some sun and swimming and went to the scera pool near my house. I was there for an hour before dark clouds covered the sun and it became too cold to stay.

A couple weeks ago I decided I wanted to try out the new Lindon water park. I know it opened last year, but I had never been and was eager to see it. I loved the lazy river that went around the pools and they had a great children's area. The main attraction was the flo rider surf wave, but with healing wounds I didn't pay the extra to try it. *Sorry no picture of the surf wave.

And within the past 2 weeks I started using my pass to 7Peaks. It is pretty busy any day you choose to go. And it's a good walk to the park after finding free parking. (Who want's to pay $5?) But, I love sitting in the wave pool, it's so relaxing. Maybe one day I'll attempt some of the slides. haha. They are sticklers this year with bringing food into the park and they search your bag thoroughly. Yes I had to throw some snacks away that they found hiding in my bag.

 The only part that isn't too great is Bob can never go with me. So if you want to go, let me know.

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Michele said...

i wish we lived close enough to go to 7 peaks! and also, we really liked malawis too!