Sunday, July 3, 2011

A day in Salt Lake

On Thursday I met my brother and sister in law- Levi and Heather and their kids Abby, Ty, and Coy in Salt Lake. We met at the Zoo and spent a few hours walking around looking at animals, finding dinosaurs, and riding the train. It was a nice day for the zoo, hot but not too hot. It was fun to see them since we usually only see them at Christmas time. Coy sure had grown up since December.

Then we went to Uinta Golf so we could do some golf trading and shopping. Levi traded Bob's golf clubs in and got new clubs for himself. Then Bob was gifted Levi's old clubs. Bob was texting me all day trying to find out if the deal had gone through. He definitely got lucky in receiving Levi's old clubs.

Next stop was Temple square. Abby, Ty, and I got their first so we took a few pictures and put our hands in the reflecting pool. Then we toured the visitors center and I took some family pictures for Heather.

Abby and Ty rode home with me. We talked a lot the first 20 minutes. And then it was silent. I looked back to see two zonked out kids. It had been a long day and they were tired.

We finished the night by meeting at Brick Oven for BBQ chicken pizza. Bob's cousins, Mitch, Cory, Jen and Kristen met up with us along with some of Heather and Levi's friends.  I wish I had thought to take pictures, but I forgot because I was enjoying the pizza a little too much.

What a fun day! We love having family come in to town. It doesn't happen too often and it is a rare treat.

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