Thursday, July 14, 2011

What was I thinking?

At church the other week my friend Jolene was telling me about the cupcakes she had at a wedding reception the night before. I love cupcakes and hadn't had them for a long time since of my healthy kick. The next day the Groupon of the day was $20 of cupcakes for $10 at Sweet Tooth Fairy. Somehow I found myself buying the coupon. The only downside of the coupon is you have to spend all of the money at once.

I planned to buy them on a day that I would be seeing friends, who had both recently had birthdays. So I picked out 9 cupcakes, and was excited to have 1 for myself and give most of them away. Unfortunately, about 30 minutes before I was going to leave, my friend called canceling. haha. *Sorry you didn't get your cupcakes Mary and Rachel.

I love cupcakes so much that I knew if I were to eat 1, I would cave and eat 5. (I am still working on self control.) So I didn't eat one the first day. I did have half of one the 2nd day. We gave away a few and put a few in the freezer for later. Eating healthy sure doesn't make eating fun.

The day I ate half, I also went to girls camp for Relief Society Day. And the YW fed us tin foil dinners and cobbler for dessert. After I finished my cobbler I had the worst stomach ache. I knew it was from the sugar overload. My body has become so used to only eating natural sugars from fruit that it kind of freaked when I ate all of those desserts. I guess that is good, but at the same time my craving for sugar hasn't lessened any in the last few months.


Jolene Huff said...

Even though I just swore off sugar with you two seconds ago. I still want those cupcakes! They look so good! I don't know how you have self control with those in your house!

Leandra said...

Those look so so so good! good thing I somehow missed the groupon that day. But there was another cupcake one yesterday! ak. I talked myself out of getting it. It's hard to be good about eating when treats are just soooooo good!