Monday, November 10, 2008

Calling all States!!!! Postcard Swap

This year our class is doing a postcard swap with other 3rd grade classes in the US. We have received a few so far. It has been a fun experience and we learn a lot from each postcard. Some of the students have asked if their relatives could send postcards to our class. We have received postcards from friends and family and it has been such a fun experience. I thought to myself, maybe I should do the same. So here I am, asking for a postcard from you. We have a map in our room to track our progress. Our goal is to get a postcard from every state. I am including our address below if you would like to send our class a postcard. In return, we will send a postcard back to them telling you about our fantastic 3rd grade class.
Thank you so much!

Miss Hales 3rd Grade Class
Snow Springs Elementary
850 South 1700 West
Lehi, Utah 84043

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