Friday, November 21, 2008

I am cheering for____

Today in math I had my students write down who they were cheering for for tomorrow's rivalry game. I have a few die hard BYU fans, one die hard UTE fan and the rest of the class was just whatever. We are doing fractions so I totaled the number of votes. I had 22 votes for BYU and 7 for Utah. One girl voted for no one because "she hates football". I then had them compare fractions and a few other things.

It was really funny because I had the students write down why they voted the way they did. The girl in my class that is obsessed with the U, wrote down that she doesn't know why she hates BYU, but her parents just told her too and that is why she loves the U. So crazy! Out of the 7 who voted for Utah, 4 of them voted that way because they love the state of Utah and had to support it. Oh man, kids are just so cute!

(Disclaimer-- I do know how to add, but one girl voted for no one, that is why I have 22+7-- that extra 1 makes my denominator 30, haha.) * Hope you love my cursive, I've been practicing!

Now lets just hope that BYU can come through with a win! I am so excited for tomorrow's game. I really don't want to have to face that girl if the U wins....

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