Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm just loving life...

Tonight I took a bubble bath in my jetted tub-- Yes jetted tub. I need to update the blogging world with pictures of my humble abode and my car... that isn't that new anymore. Anywho, tub was just so relaxing and then I blow dried my hair. I love going to bed ready for the next day. I put my robe on, which may be kinda short and walked out to my living room to see my good friend Danny. I chuckle and walk back to my bedroom and put some clothes on. For some reason when I put my robe on I had a feeling that that might happen.

School is going great! Tomorrow is Friday. Friday's for the class include.... Reading, Morning Work, Specialty, Math, Lunch, Cursive, Read Aloud, Library, Writing/Spelling Test and then FUN Friday! For me--- it means JEANS!!!! I love wearing the jeans, even though I get nervous to wear them. Principal said that jeans are unprofessional, but all the teachers are wearing them on Friday's so I am too.

For fun Friday we are going to do some type of turkey activity. I'm not quite sure what it will be, but I know the kids will love it. They love doing art projects and taking a break from our normal routine.

Not only is tomorrow Friday, but I only have two more days after that. Monday, is early out day for collaboration and we are actually having a celebration day, which equals--- FUN! And then Tuesday we are having our Turkey Trot. The 3rd graders run a mile and the winners get a T-Shirt. In past years they actually got a turkey. I may run with the kids.... How fun would that be? Except for when all the kids pass me, that might be a little embarrassing! We will see! Maybe I do a practice run this weekend.

OH this weekend, weekend of all weekends!!!!
#1 We have Twilight! Best book ever coming out on video. In all realness, the movie is actually coming out in 1 hour and 4 minutes. Why am I not at the theater? Oh wait, I'm a teacher.
#2 Saturday- I am just loving sleeping in. And then I am going to a matinee of Twilight with one of my bestest friends Jody.
#3 Coming home from the movie to watch the HOLY war. Oh my goodness, I am just being so nervous this year. I have a feeling the U is going to win, but I am just hoping that BYU can pull out a miracle. Go Cougs!
#4 Following the game, I will be going on a date with boy from the ward. Dinner and something to follow. OOO la la!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!!

PS- Lost another student, I'm down to 31. Please let my class size stay that way for a few weeks!

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