Friday, November 21, 2008

Naked Turkey

For an art project last week I had my class disguise a paper turkey. I've seen a ton of examples of other classes and my class did a great job. They had to turn their turkey into something other than a turkey. The kids were super excited about the project and I added a writing portion to the project. The students had to explain why it wasn't it turkey.

Aryanna a girl in my class who moved this week, proceeded to turn hers into a hula dancer wearing a coconut bra. It was a great idea, but a lot of the kids freaked out because of the bra. It was so very cute and funny.

Mattie the girl sitting across from her was disguising her turkey as me. So during the writing project Mattie comes up and asks me how to spell bra. I look at her and ask why? (In my mind I am thinking- She is dressing her turkey up as me, why is she writing bra--- is she saying that her's isn't a turkey because Miss Hales is wearing a bra?) And then she says quietly, Aryanna is too embarrassed to ask you. I told her how and then she yelled back to Aryanna, I TOLD YOU SO, B-R-A! So funny. I love moments like that.

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