Saturday, January 8, 2011

big 24!

Over the Christmas break I celebrated my 24th birthday. Am I really 24? It's crazy how you get to a point and forget how old you are. I was lucky to be able to celebrate my birthday twice, on my actual birthday in Washington and when I got home with my family in Utah.

Bob and I are avid movie watchers so on my birthday all of Bob's family went to the movies. We had been debating which movie to see, and in the end there were two groups. True Grit and Tangled. I couldn't decide which movie I wanted to see. I had heard tons of good things about Tangled and nothing about True Grit. But, Bob wanted to see True Grit and I knew eventually I would see Tangled. The movie was pretty good. Bob and his brothers loved it. I really am excited to see Tangled when it comes to the dollar theater.

The rest of the day we relaxed back at the home, eating lots of yummy food, talking, and playing games with family. It was a perfect day. I got a few things that I really wanted this year. A new red coat, my white watch, workout clothes, and some new mac make up!

Our first Sunday home we celebrated with my family eating Mexican food, my favorite. We also had the famous Hales family chocolate cake. It was sooo good! Thanks to my families for making my day so special!


blindblogger said...

Alyse good luck with your new year's goals. That was my goal before I had Tate--cook 3 times a week. It was hAAAAARD!!!!! Especially when I was working.

Danielle said...

Oh dear, I only wrote on your facebook for your birth. I didnt even send a text. So sorry, I'm glad you had a fun time with the husb. It feels like yesterday you were headed to Washington with Bob for the first time.