Thursday, January 27, 2011

Just Gross

Yesterday I had an appointment at the dentist to get a cavity filled. I worked the morning and went to the dentist at noon. I then had the rest of the day off and I loved it. I got a lot done. In the back of my mind, I worried about what my class was up to at that moment.

- I definitely had a reason for worrying yesterday.

This morning when I got to school I read my sub notes and it said, "They were great other than the 2 boys and 2 girls playing in the bathroom. But don't worry, I made them wash their hands twice with soap." I was confused by this because I only let 1 boy and 1 girl go to the bathroom at a time. When my AM students came I asked my most trust worthy student and he claimed he had no idea. I asked a girl on the same level and she said no too. After a long day I was tired and a little frustrated. When my AM's left I was talking to my PM group and asked them about the bathroom incident.

At the exact same time, everyone blurted out the 4 kids names. I was shaking my head because I was disappointed and just grossed out. I explained that bathrooms are dirty. We do our business, wash our hards, and then leave, no playing around. And then a girl tells me that they were putting their hands in the toilet.... that had peoples business in it.

At that point, I made a sort of frustrating noise, exhaling all of the built up steam... and I am sure my face looked mad. One girl said, "Don't worry Mrs. Barber, my mom gets made like that all of the time." I about died trying to hold the laughter in. My kids are so funny. But I am still super grossed out and will be using a lot of hand sanitizer.

Gym side note:
I spent 2 hours there tonight because Bob is studying late for his test tomorrow. When I pulled in, I was looking for a spot when this huge truck almost hit me. I parked, and then as I was walking in, I saw the truck stopped in the middle of the lane with another car. The man in the car had just gotten out and was yelling at the guy who drove the truck. The truck had just hit the car. Luckily it wasn't me.

I took a pilates class tonight and we were doing our final stretches and someone in the class farted, and they farted loud. It was so funny. It happens every once in a while at school. But in a class with all adults, it was a lot funnier.


Leandra said...

ha! I always worry I'm going to be the one to fart in those pilates classes :)

Mary said...

you have so much better stories than i do this year! keep them coming1 eheh