Thursday, January 20, 2011

funnies of this week

There was no school on Monday, and even with that I think this might've been the longest week of my life. Kids are crazy this week, it might be because the weather is cold and we have been inside a lot.

One of my students was in another class for some reading help. While there someone said something mean to him, and he replied by saying F you. Yes, he said the real word. Yes, he is 8. How are they learning these things so young?

This same student also found interest in the teacher next doors, door stop. He kicked it around the hall for a while, picked it up and put it in his backpack to take home.

I had two boys come in from recess and one came up to me, kind of shy like. "Mrs. Barber, I need to talk to you." As he says this, he is nodding to his friend to come over. I pulled them out in the hall and said what's up? Now for a little background, the boy who talked to me is 1/3 of the size of the other boy. So smaller boy tells me while hiding his face, that he got mad at the bigger boy and kicked him. Big boy turns to me and says, "Ya, he kicked me in the front privates hard."Small boy then tells me that a girl in our class saw it happen and she wanted to make things fair so she kicked small boy in the "front privates" too.

Goal Update:
So far I have not kept up with my weekly cooking. After my first week, I just fell apart. Bob's schedule changes from week to week. And last week he didn't come home until 8 or  9. I didn't feel like cooking just for myself. (Even though that is just my excuse, because really Bob does need dinner when he gets home too.)

Tonight I making my first real meal of the week. And I am embarrassed to say that it is Spaghetti. BUT I am making homemade french bread, so I think that counts.

Another reason I might be failing in the food department is because I am actually doing good with my working out goal. Spending more time at the gym and less in the kitchen. I have been going daily for an hour. I am beginning to enjoy it, and hope that it will just be second nature to me.

We had a mid week relief society meeting on Tuesday night and we talked about eating healthy, working out, and making and keeping new habits. One thing we did was blend up spinach and kale into a berry smoothie. I have been having a hard time eating enough vegetables, so I am hoping that this will help.

How do you get in all of your veggies?

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perdue family said...

i dont. oops. Hey...sewing. When you wanna do it? This sat?