Monday, January 17, 2011

We like food...

Today has been a wonderful day. I love having a day off every once in a while. We slept in and got ready. My Dad took everyone to the movies and lunch. We went and saw The Dilemma. It was an OK movie. I liked the story, but there were a couple scenes that just didn't need to be there.

Following the movie we went to my Dad's favorite restaurant El Gallo, in Provo. My Dad goes there weekly, so all of the staff know him as a regular. Today it was crazy busy, and we had to wait almost a half hour to get our food. But it was worth it.

We enjoyed snacking on fresh and hot chips with guacamole that they made at our table.

Our main entree came and it was this huge pot of meat. There was chicken, shrimp, beef, pork, and also pineapple and cactus. It was sooo good. You just pick out what you want and put it on a tortilla with salsa, cilantro, rice, beans... you know the works. This pot of food fed 6 of us with leftovers.

Bob and I went grocery shopping for the week, and we both got some of our favorite foods today.

These chips are the best. You will love them so much that you will hate me for telling you about them. I had them in Washington with a corn and black bean salsa....mmmm. I was so happy that our Winco carries them too.

Bob got a hand blender for Christmas. Tonight was the first night that he was able to use it. He made his ultimate favorite, Oreo milkshakes. He was so happy to use it, and the milkshake was really good!

And now I will be at the gym everyday for the next 5 months. haha.


Kelsey & David Barber said...

Who doesn't love food? Bob does make a pretty good Oreo milkshake...

Leandra said...

mmmmmm that Mexican food place looks yummy. I still love el Azteca from when you introduced me to it 5 years ago!