Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas 2010

This year Christmas was very different. For the first time, 1/2 of my siblings were not there. Andrea spent Christmas morning at Brent's families house, and Dan spent it in England. When we open presents we open them one at a time, and from oldest to youngest. It was crazy that I was the 2nd to youngest this year, as it went me and then Ayrika.

Bob and I didn't get presents for each other this year. We decided to do a $20 limit for things to put in each others stockings. Bob got a new Jazz t-shirt that he loves and I got an array of things including socks, hangers, candy, gloves, and scissors.

For the past month Bob has been pestering me about what my parents got him for Christmas. I knew he would never be able to guess. My Dad got Bob and Brent shotguns so they can go to the gun club and shoot clay pigeons together. Too bad the gun wasn't finished being made, so they both got a piece of paper.

Bob's other favorites were:
McDonalds gift cards
A hand held blender for milkshakes
And a new pillow

I have been  on a crafty kick lately, and something that has been missing is sewing crafts. I decided I was ready to start sewing. (I do recall my sewing 1 class in 8th or 9th grade, and I did pretty well, but that was a long time ago.) So basically that was a long way of saying that I got a sewing machine for Christmas. I also got a bosch mixer, so basically this year my new goal is to become more domestic in cooking and sewing.

My other favorites included:
A new sweater
5 containers of lotion (this is a present tradition that I love)
Swiffer Wet Jet

My Mom wanted to give a FUN gift, so she gave Ayrika an electronic harmonica. We have been gone for the past week, but I hope she learned how to play happy birthday for my birthday dinner tonight!

Bob wanted to get my Dad a remote control something for Christmas. I thought it was a horrible idea. But Bob persuaded me into doing it and then Bob gave my Dad his favorite present. He played with it for a long time Christmas morning.

The best present of all on Christmas was being able to talk to Dan. He sounded like he was 30 years old, half of his words we didn't understand, and he was happy as he could be. All he could talk about was how happy he was to be serving. He loved the people of England and loved the gospel even more. I cherished every minute of it. Of course all of the women were crying for the first and last 10 minutes, but that's just how we are.

Here are Brent and Andrea talking with Dan.

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