Saturday, January 1, 2011

Family Traditions Part 2

My next favorite tradition is always held on Christmas Eve. With the Hales side of the family we have a big seafood dinner. For our appetizer my Grandparents fry up some oysters, we have shrimp in some type of form, and then we have clam chowder. My Grandpa said at the dinner this year that he had been having fried oysters for the past 50+ years.

This year we had our traditional meal, along with shrimp cocktails. (Up until a few years ago we had a tradition to go to Mexico for Christmas break, and we all were missing our shrimp cocktails.) They were so good!

Following dinner we held the first Hales Family, Minute to Win It competition. It was a lot of fun, and everyone participated. Too bad my family didn't win. I was in charge of all of the games. When it all began, I couldn't find my camera, and was looking for it the whole time. When we went to have dessert, I found it on the couch where my Grandpa had been sitting. So no pictures until I can get them from my Dad.

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