Tuesday, January 11, 2011

PB & J Drama and more

Today was a long day. I guess that is the best way to start out this post. It could all start last night when I stayed up later than usual to put my final touches on my lesson plan for my SET evaluation today. (Observation by the principal, done twice a year for your first 3 years.) I woke up early got to school, tested out a few things for my lesson and felt good.

I was a little upset that the recess right before my lesson was called Inside Recess. Ok, it was only 7 degrees so they should be inside... but it makes them a little louder and little crazier throughout the rest of the day. (By lunch it was 10, so they had to stay in again.)

My class was ready and the principal was going to walk in any minute. I turned on my projector and hooked it up to my computer to get my smart board on for my lesson. Long story short, I spent the next 10 minutes trying to get my smart board and computer to connect. I gave up and decided I would do my lesson on the board, but the principal wanted to see my lesson on the smart board and told me to try again. (During this time she is chatting with my students about life, and they are being pretty good.) It finally connected and my lesson went smoothly after that.

In the afternoon I was really excited for one of my favorite writing lessons. I have the students write How To make a peanut butter sandwich. Then I read them and do what they say. Usually they say, take some peanut butter and put it on the bread. Get some jelly and put it on the peanut butter. So I stack the jar of peanut butter on top of the loaf of bread, and etc. The kids love it and it shows how they need to use specific words.

Well when I brought them back to the table some of my top students whom I love dearly, saw the pb, jelly, and loaves of bread and started complaining. "I hate peanut butter and jelly." "My Mom never makes peanut butter sandwiches because they are disgusting." "Eeeew Gross!" And at that point, I lost it. I had just rewarded them earlier in the day for being good during my lesson.  I had bought a lot of these things with my own money, and I wasn't going to put up with it. I sent them all back to their seats... with a little reminder of how to treat others nicely instead of being rude.

I cooled down and let them come back, they enjoyed the lesson and my complaining friends felt a little bad.

Before leaving at the end of the day, I let my custodian know that I had heard a mouse type sound in my room, along with a leftover Christmas treat in the corner that had been eaten by a little mouse friend. Another teacher across the way actually saw a mouse run across her floor today. I am hoping it's the same guy and that he gets caught tonight. Now would be the appropriate time to say, "Eeeew Gross!"

After school I had a 2 hour meeting... it was long and boring and I was really glad to be home after. I threw my gym clothes on grabbed my keys and left. When I shut the door I looked down to see that I had my classroom keys, and not my house/car keys. Leaving me locked out of my house and car. Luckily our neighbors were home and had Bob's phone number. (I do not know it, ah!) And he so nicely came home from studying to let me in.

Now we are enjoying the BYU/Utah basketball game and are happy to have a few hours together tonight. Sorry for the downer of a post today.


Mrs. Dean said...

You should have told them that Mrs. Dean eats PBJ every day, just to really gross them out.

Heather said...

Alyse, I'm glad your lesson went smooth...that would totally stress me out! So was Bob screaming and jumping on the couch like Levi was during the game?

Kandice said...

This makes me laugh! Just the other day my new neighbor who has three little boys locked themselves out so we had a little party watching the disney channel. I love that your a teacher, all these stories make me want to be one then I remember how impatient I am and that thought slowly drifts away. Thanks for the laugh!

Mark and JanaRae said...

so sorry about the long day. I totally remember another 3rd grade teacher (not mine) doing the PB & J sandwich thing and totally wishing I was in that class. Wow that was 20 years ago still wish I had the other teacher. I bet your students loved it. Happy late birthday.